Vascular Ultrasound

Diagnostic Imaging of the Blood Vessels & Veins

Much like an echocardiography, vascular ultrasound uses sonography to create images of the cardiovascular system. It is commonly used to check for blood clots, chronic venous insufficiency or compromised, swollen valves. At Nasser Cardiology and Vein Center, we can provide vascular ultrasounds for patients throughout The Woodlands!

In a vascular ultrasound examination, the nurse or doctor uses a hand-held transducer to press against the skin. This then sends and receives sound waves that are transmitted through the body. The echo of the returned waves is what images the substances of the body.

Compared to other imaging techniques, vascular ultrasound enjoys the following advantages:

  • Noninvasive
  • Pain-free
  • Risk-free
  • Widely Available
  • Affordable
  • Superior Imaging Results

If you’re in need of a vascular ultrasound in Spring or The Woodlands areas, you can depend on the knowledge and experience of Dr Nasser. Call Nasser Cardiology and Vein Center at 936-321-2366 to schedule a consultation.

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